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How To Prevent Flatulence In Pregnancy Without Using Medicines

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Flatulence in pregnancy could be both embarrassing as well as uncomfortable. The hormones in a pregnant women tend to keep the muscles around the intestines relaxed. This may affect the digestive processes.

Generally, it may take longer for the food to pass through the intestines when you are pregnant. This causes gas formation. This is the reason for gas in pregnancy.

One main reason behind the flatulence could be the hormone called as progesterone. This hormone is produced more when you are pregnant. As said earlier, the intestinal muscles tend to relax more due to this hormonal action.

When foods move slower in the intestines, one might suffer constipation. Due to constipation, the bloated feeling and flatulence may occur. So, your food habits and your lifestyle habits need to target and address these issues so that you may feel relieved.

How To Prevent Pregnancy Flatulence?

How To Prevent Pregnancy Flatulence- Woman Eating

Stay Away From Foods That Cause Gas
Those who are lactose intolerant, must stay away form milk. Also, stay away from fatty foods and fries. Reduce your intake of the following foods:

Sodas, fruit juices, corn, beans, onions, cabbage, pears, cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, honey, asparagus and artificial sweeteners.

How To Prevent Pregnancy Flatulence- Portion Size

Cut Portion Size And Increase Frequency
Simply put, start eating small but frequent meals. Also, don't rush when you are eating. Chew your food properly and slowly. Most of the time, it is the air that you swallow while eating that causes gas inside your stomach.

How To Prevent Pregnancy Flatulence- Woman With Fruits

Get Enough Of Fibre
Eating fibre rich foods can be one of the remedies for gas during pregnancy. As fibre is digestive system friendly, the food in the intestines can move faster. Also, consume lots of water to lubricate your insides.

How To Prevent Pregnancy Flatulence- Relaxing woman

Ask Your Doctor About Activity Levels
Staying active helps. But speak to your doctor about what exercises a pregnant woman can do without straining much.

Record Your Food Intake
When you maintain a dairy that records your food intake, you will be able to identify the actual foods that are making you feel bloated.

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