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How Over Consumption Of Green Tea Affects Fertility

By Ajanta Sen

Among the top hot drinks people consume, tea is the most popular one among a vast number of users. Tea is prepared from the tea leaves. Usually, tea is available in three different varieties, namely, Black Tea, Green Tea and Oolong Tea.

Even if the initial processes for manufacturing these three types of teas are the same, they carry certain characteristics only on the basis of their fermentation. Green tea is fermented at the least, whereas Oolong tea is fermented the most.

As far as the utilities are concerned, green tea is found to be the most useful from the view point of its effects on the human body. Green tea is a tested medicine for reducing weight.

People who are suffering from the problems of obesity and being overweight are suggested to take green tea at least twice every day for best results.

However, there are some misconceptions about green tea that it is extremely harmful for the users, especially the women.

The reports of the recently concluded study at the California University, USA, revealed that frequent consumption of green tea affects fertility.

It can cause a severe harm for those women who consume it in excess, as it hampers their possibilities of conceiving a child and becoming a mother.

If you are fond of green tea, you will have to know how overconsumption of green tea can affect fertility.

Overconsumption Of Anything Is Bad:
Usually, people believe that overconsumption of anything is bad, as it leads to serious consequences, and that is why green tea is not an exception. It contains antioxidants, and that is why consumption of more green tea can disrupt the natural body processes, including the functioning of the reproductive system.

It leads to an inability to conceive at the end, and the women often suffer from infertility. The study reports also reveal that low doses of this hot beverage is extremely good for the body, but frequent consumption of green tea may affect fertility.

Overconsumption Of Green Tea Can Leave Toxic Effects:
While conducting the research at the California University, the scholars found out how overconsumption of green tea affects fertility. They found that excess consumption of green tea can leave a toxic effect on the body, and that can prevent in conceiving a baby.

This finding of the researchers may sound like a nightmare for the women who love to take green tea. However, these findings are based on scientific researches, and that is why they cannot deny their truthfulness as well.

Infection Caused By The Common Fruit Fly:
Usually, this is likely to be the most dangerous factor of how overconsumption of green tea can affect fertility. The common fruit fly, named Drosophila melanogaster, is a tiny insect about 3 mm long.

It infects the tea leaves severely. Generally, these insects sit on the tea leaves and leave their eggs and larvae on them. The larvae grow and multiply faster, and that is why the tea leaves become harmful for excess consumption.

Researches have been conducted in various parts of the world. Most of the study reports accept the better health benefits, but most of the research scholars accept the fact that frequent consumption of green tea can affect fertility.

Apart from that, most of the researchers held infection by the Drosophila melanogaster to be the main factor that can cause the damage to a greater extent.

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