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Digestive Disorders Can Cause Infertility

Many couples are told that their infertility problems are unexplained. When both partners are both is perfect reproductive health but are not able to conceive then it is called unexplained infertility. One of the major causes of such unexplained infertility can be digestive disorders. If you have ever suffered from a serious digestive disorder like irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn's syndrome, then it might reduce your chances of conception substantially.

Let us take a look at how digestive disorders or gastrointestinal diseases affect fertility.

Malnutrition: The baby may not literally grow in your stomach but it does get nutrition from your the food digested in your stomach. But if you have a digestive problem does not allow your body to absorb nutrients from the food you eat, then how will the baby get nourished.

Hormonal Suppression: When your body is unable get nutrients from the food, hormonal activity also goes for a toss. In the absence of vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals, the hormones necessary for ovulation are not released from the endocrine glands. This results in erratic periods and makes the process of getting pregnant very difficult.

Weight Loss: When you have a severe gastrointestinal disease like irritable bowel syndrome, you will drop weight in pounds. And when your body mass index goes below the minimal limit, you will stop menstruating. A weak body cannot take the strain of menstruation and thus the body goes into starvation mode. If you cannot get your periods, you can never plan a pregnancy.

Chronic Anaemia: Low haemoglobin count, resulting in anaemia is also a result of massive malnutrition. When you have little blood in your body, it is very difficult for you to have a healthy baby. Also, your periods will be few and far making conception a distant dream.

Celiac The Silent Killer: Celiac is a common digestive disorder that can silently cause many infertility problems. The symptoms of this severe disease are often confused with common diarrhoea and thus it goes untreated for years. The symptoms include cramping in the lower abdomen and frequent urge to pass stool. Celiac does not allow your body to absorb nutrients thus makes getting pregnant difficult.

The scariest thing about these kind of infertility problems are they go undetected. Just because you had Celiac 2 years back doesn't mean you can have a baby now. Your body might still have some deficiencies. However, it is possible to battle digestive disorders and have babies if you opt for a healthy lifestyle.

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