Benefits Of Cloth Diapers Over The Disposable Ones

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Most mothers prefer disposable diapers over the cloth diapers, as they are easy to use and can be disposed without the need of washing it. However, they cost you a lot of money, as they need to be frequently changed and can be quite expensive. You can also see your baby having many skin rashes and allergies with the use of disposable diapers.

You should know that there can be many advantages of using cloth diapers over the disposable ones. Cloth diapers are made from a 100 percent cotton with no added chemicals and plastics. They can be best for your baby's delicate skin. There is no risk of allergy, skin rashes and infections as well with their use.

Whereas, disposable diapers are made from plastic and many chemicals that can probably trigger many allergic responses and can also cause skin rashes. So, why not use pure cotton cloth diapers for your baby, which will not only save your money but will also benefit your baby.

We have mentioned here, in this article, some of the best reasons on why you should use cloth diapers for you baby. Go through the article and find out the amazing benefits of cloth diapers for you and your baby.


They’re More Easily Affordable

One of the best advantages of using cloth diapers is that they save your money. You have to purchase them once, and the same diaper can be used for many times after washing it. Whereas disposable diapers have to be thrown away after use.


Size Is Not A Problem

Cloth diapers can be used for babies of any size and age, unlike disposable diapers. This will be a one-time investment for you. When you buy them for your first baby, you can use them for your second baby as well. You just need to wash and dry them thoroughly under the sun.


Wash Them At Home

Cloth diapers can be easily washed with a detergent. just shake solids into the toilet and put the cloth diaper in a sink. Open the tap so that all the waste matter gets drained out. Then put the diapers in a washing machine or you can even hand wash them.


No Diaper Rash

There are less chances of a diaper rash with the use of cloth diapers and even a research has proved it. Your baby will also be benefited with cloth diapers. The natural cotton present in the cloth diapers do not have chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions to your baby.


Babies Can Be Potty Trained Easily

If you use cloth diapers, it will become easy to potty train your baby. The reason for this is that the cloth diapers hold moisture closer to the skin of a baby. This makes them feel uncomfortable and this feeling of discomfort will make it easy for you to train them. The babies with cloth diapers also learn quickly that they need to pee or poop.


Disposable Diapers Cause Heat Retention

The plastic present in disposable diapers causes heat retention, as these diapers don't allow the skin to breathe properly. This can trigger the formation of a skin rash. Therefore, you must use cloth diapers, so that your baby's skin breaths freely and there is no trapping of sweat and heat.


Less Chances Of Infection

Since cloth diapers are made of cotton, they allow the sweat to come out of the skin and then get absorbed inside the cotton cloth. This prevents the chances of infection and allergy on the baby's skin. Disposable diapers do not absorb sweat and chances of allergy, rash and infections are far more if the diaper is not changed at regular intervals.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 6, 2016, 11:30 [IST]
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