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How Much Gap Is Ideal Between 2 Babies?

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Many couples worry about the right time-gap to be given between two babies. But frankly speaking, there is no right or wrong duration that has to be between two babies.

How Much Gap Is Ideal Between 2 Babies1

Yes, whether you take a long gap or a short one, you will need some time to adjust when a new baby comes to your life.

How Much Gap Is Ideal Between 2 Babies2

In fact, many factors like the gender of the baby, his or her personality and interest play an important role in how comfortable you feel while raising your kids.

How Much Gap Is Ideal Between 2 Babies3

There are both pros and cons of reducing the gap or increasing the gap between two consecutive babies. What are they?

How Much Gap Is Ideal Between 2 Babies4

If the gap is very less, then the advantage is that you will still be in the frame of mind where you are ready to change diapers, get disturbed in the night when your baby cries. Also, when the gap is less between siblings, they can play with each other. They won't feel lonely at all.

How Much Gap Is Ideal Between 2 Babies5

When the gap is too big, the advantages are: the older child can take care of the younger child as he or she must already have understood responsibility, patience and compassion.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 2, 2016, 7:12 [IST]
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