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How A Man's Age Affects His Kids

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A new study warns that the lifestyle of a father and his alcohol dependence may affect the health of the future generations too. This study claims that bad habits may cause birth defects.

How A Man's Age Affects His Kids1

We already know the fact that the hormonal and nutritional environment in the womb has an effect on the baby. Even the mental condition of a mother can affect the womb's environment. Such factors can alter the baby in many ways.

How A Man's Age Affects His Kids2

In the same way, a man's lifestyle could also affect his sperm quality and DNA of his future generations.

How A Man's Age Affects His Kids3

A man's lifestyle, his age and certain other factors can control the quality of his reproduction. This study further claims that a man's lifestyle can also affect several future generations. If a father consumes too much of alcohol, his baby may have higher chances of suffering foetal-alcohol-spectrum-disorder.

How A Man's Age Affects His Kids4

Also, alcoholic consumption in fathers can increase the chances of low birth weight and poor cognitive function in his offspring. Also, the age of the father can also have certain effects. It increases the chances of autism and schizophrenia in his kids.

How A Man's Age Affects His Kids5

Also, the obesity of the father may affect the fat metabolism of his kids. And then, stress of a man can also cause certain side effects in his kids. This way, a man's lifestyle could directly affect his future generations,says this new study.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 17, 2016, 9:25 [IST]
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