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Does Plastic Weaken Your Baby’s Teeth?

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A new study claims that certain chemicals present in plastic could weaken the teeth of kids as they could disturb certain hormones that are responsible for the development of enamel on teeth.

Does Plastic Weaken Your Baby’s Teeth1

As a part of the study, researchers observed the effects of certain chemicals which interfere with certain hormones in the human body.

Does Plastic Weaken Your Baby’s Teeth2

Most of the plastic containers and certain other food containers come with a chemical called BPA. Another such chemical is Vinclozolin. Both of them are endocrine disruptors.

Does Plastic Weaken Your Baby’s Teeth3

Researchers fed rats with both of the chemicals in small doses and observed them for a month. After that, they collected dental samples and found that those chemicals altered the teeth enamel.

Does Plastic Weaken Your Baby’s Teeth4

Hormones like testosterone and estrogen boosted the development of teeth enamel whereas those two chemicals blocked the development of the enamel. So, they are said to weaken the teeth.

Does Plastic Weaken Your Baby’s Teeth5

So, it is high time to reduce the usage of certain types of plastics at least when you have babies at home. Harmful substances like BPA have other health effects too, though most of us are still unaware of them.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 1, 2016, 7:49 [IST]
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