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Does Air Pollution Cause Stillbirths?

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A new study says that air pollution could also increase the risk of certain birth defects like still births. This study claims that the risk could increase especially when the mother is exposed to dangerous air pollutants during the third trimester.

Does Air Pollution Cause Stillbirths1

Researchers claim that such still births are preventable. Today, still birth is one of major concerns of would-be mothers and the increasing rate of air pollution could be one major reason that is causing worry.

Does Air Pollution Cause Stillbirths2

Researchers measured pollution in the areas where still births are majorly reported and this has led to the belief that the risk of still births could be fuelled by harmful pollutants in the air.

Does Air Pollution Cause Stillbirths3

Certain particles like ozone, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide are said to be the most harmful ones that could increase the risk.

Does Air Pollution Cause Stillbirths4

Current evidence isn't enough, but still, health experts recommend pure air exposure during pregnancy. And this is more important especially during the third trimester.

Does Air Pollution Cause Stillbirths5

So, there could be a clear link between air pollution and still births. Though further studies need to throw more light on this aspect, it is always good to ensure that you breathe in pure air especially during pregnancy.

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Story first published: Monday, May 30, 2016, 6:20 [IST]
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