Tips To Follow While Visiting A New Born Baby

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It is quite natural for the relatives and friends to get overexcited on the arrival of a newborn baby. All will be desperate to visit and cuddle the newborn. But, there are a few etiquettes to keep in mind while visiting a newborn baby. A newborn baby brings excitement among everyone and spreads happiness around.

Newborns are just too lovely and adorable. Those tiny hands, little feet can melt anyone's heart and provoke anyone to hold them. But, this is something that must be avoided. Because in its early days, a baby needs to be only in the arms of the mother. Many guests turning up now and then to visit can cause an irritation to both the mother and baby.

If you hold the baby without washing your hands, it may affect the health of the baby. Newborn babies are very delicate and catch infections easily. Therefore, don't visit the baby unless you are invited. Likewise there are a set of other rules and etiquettes you need to follow while visiting a newborn baby.

In this article, we at Boldsky are listing out some of the tips you need to follow while visiting a baby. Read to know more.

Tips To Follow While Visiting A New Born Baby

Avoid Smoking
: The smoke can irritate a baby and can have an impact on the baby's health. It can cause allergies. Therefore, if you are visiting a newborn, make sure that you smoke an hour before you visit the baby.

Avoid Holding The Baby: Never try to hold the baby, unless you are a close relative because parents will not be comfortable with every other visitor carrying their baby. Never try to kiss the baby, as it can spread germs.

Tips To Follow While Visiting A New Born Baby

Don't Wear Too Much Of Perfume: Even though, a newborn lacks strong senses, wearing too much of perfume can aggravate an allergic reaction. Hence, doctors recommend not to wear perfume when the baby is around.

Tips To Follow While Visiting A New Born Baby

Don't Gift Stuffed Toys: Always avoid gifting a baby with a stuffed toy, as there is a risk of infant choking on some part of the toy. Instead clothes can be considered as an ideal gift.

Don't Visit If You Are Sick: Never visit the baby if you are sick. Since the baby's immune system is weak, it can catch infections and fall ill. Meet an infant only when you have a good health.

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Story first published: Saturday, December 5, 2015, 2:01 [IST]
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