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Tips To Clean Your Baby's Ears Safely

By Asha Das

Simple things like cleaning the ears will also become complicated issues, when you are doing it for your baby. Cleaning ears are important for babies not only to avoid build up of ear wax, but also to remove dead cells that may accumulate in the folds.

Understand that ear wax will not cause ear infections and it won't affect the hearing of your baby. Earwax is a normal substance that helps keep germs and foreign bodies out of the inner ear. But, if your baby is experiencing severe ear wax formation, it is better to consult a doctor.

An experienced medical practitioner can remove the ear wax and clean baby ears more professionally. You should not use Q-tips to clean baby ears, which are completely a risky option for your baby.

Any complication that may occur while you clean baby ears may result in more serious problems. It may lead to infections as well. Other serious outcomes of using improper technique to clean baby ears are breakage of the eardrum and loss of hearing.

So, it is very important to take an extra care and patience when you clean baby ears. Here are some important cleaning tips for baby ears, which will help you clean baby ears safely.

Clean during bath time: Bath time is the best time to clean baby ears. While it is wet, it will be very easy to clean baby ears. Use a damp cloth and clean the exterior parts of the ear. After that, clean the inner side of ear folds and then dab any draining wax.

Wipe with warm cloth: While you give bath to your baby, just wipe their little ears with a warm cloth. If you do this regularly, this much is enough for your baby to keep their ears clean. This will remove all those accumulated dead cells and wax.

No cotton swabs: You should not insert a cotton swab into the baby ears. To be specific on cleaning tips of baby ears, you should not insert anything deep into the baby ears. This may damage the eardrum, which will result in further complications.

Ear drops: Sometimes cleaning tips for baby ears may not work, if your baby has increased ear wax formation. In such cases you have to use ear drops. It is important to seek an expert medical advice before using any kind of drops in the baby ears.

Don’t try self medications: It is common people use some home based techniques that has no medical support. Do not try any such techniques that will harm your baby ears. These may cause infections as well. If you find any difficulties consult a doctor.

Don’t clean when it is dry: Don’t try to clean baby ears when it is dry. This will cause skin irritations and scratches. Use a wet cloth to clean your baby’s ear. One of the most effective cleaning tips for baby ears is to clean it during the bath time.

Be careful: Babies may not co-operate completely with you, while you try to clean their ears. So, you have to be more careful, expecting that they will move their head in the very next second. This will help avoid any accidental injury.

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Story first published: Sunday, December 29, 2013, 6:21 [IST]