Parenting Tips For New Dads

By: Madhu Babu
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Becoming a dad is a major turn of event in any man's life. It will be a whole new life, an exciting one too. It comes with a lot of challenges and joy bundled into a single package that weighs just a few kilos. Initial stages of a baby's life are the most challenging for any dad who is taking on the mantle for the first time in his life. There will be lots of sleepless nights and constant attention demanded by the child.

No amount of preparation or parenting tips before the birth can make you perfect when the baby is out. It is a learning curve that evolves with the child. Your approach to the child should be with patience, tolerance and love. You have to pay lot of attention and make lots of compromises in order to be a good dad. There are lots of parenting tips for new dads, which come in handy when you have taken on the mantle head on.

The most basic and foremost parenting tip for a new dad is to know when and how to change a diaper. It all starts here! It shows how much you care for the baby and how good a dad you are. Then there is feeding, playing, making the baby fall asleep etc. which take a lot out of you. As the child grows, so does your responsibility towards the child as a dad.

Here are few parenting tips for a new dad's out there.



This is the most basic parenting tip given to any new dad. You have to be able to know when and how to change a baby's diaper. Any baby gets really uncomfortable with poop in their diaper.



Feeding a child is the most daunting of tasks that any parent dreads. You need lots of patience and tolerance to make the child eat enough by making faces, telling stories or running around.



This is single most important parenting tip any new dad needs to take seriously. It takes hell lot of patience and tolerance to be a good dad to a child. You must never lose your nerve and take your frustrations on the innocent kid ever.



It is hard to figure out what plays and toys the child likes. Playing with your child helps in establishing a healthy bond with your child. Play the classic peek-a-boo to a baby or hide and seek with your 4 year old.


Care and love

The best way to be a good dad is shower the child with lots of love and care. Being there when the child needs you and caring for the needs of your kid is least you need to do as a dad.


Advice and talk

A fatherly talk and few important advices to your child goes a long way in bonding well with your kid and making them a better person. Young children look upto their father for any advices in life when they need someone to talk to.


Be a role model

Children greatly reflect their parents. It is important you set a good example in being a good role model. Children especially follow in footsteps of their father as they grow. As a dad, you have to lead them into a good path.



As a father, you have to be supportive of your child in what they choose in life. Rather than imposing your wishes, it is important to hear them out and be supportive in their quest. There is no bigger strength to a child than the support of their dad.

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Story first published: Saturday, November 30, 2013, 17:02 [IST]
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