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How To Make Your Phone And TV Childproof?

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As your child starts growing up you must be worried about all the new mischief that they are up to. Sometimes they will get to your phone and make a prank call or else at other times they will start tuning to different TV channels with the TV remote. But, there are ways of making both the TV and phone childproof. That is making such arrangements that your child is no more able to use the TV or phone as a play kit. Here are some ways to make your TV and phone childproof.



First of lets learn how to safeguard your phone from your kids.

Password- There is the system of locking away all the settings of the phone with a password. Use it so that even if your child takes the phone into their hands, they cannot operate it. You may easily make your phone childproof by using this method.

Hard Cover- Many children are into the habit of throwing away the phones as soon as they get it in their hands. So, why not make it childproof by giving a hard cover to it. You will easily get hard plastic or leather mobile covers in the market. So, there will be no more need to worry when your child throws away your phone in anger or simply mischief.

Keep It Away Or Dummy- The best way to keep you mobile safe is to keep it out of the reach of your child. But, this is not always that easy as they get really stubborn sometimes to have them. In such cases there an easy way out. Why, don't you buy a dummy mobile and and hand it over to your child. Well, they are too small to realise which is a real one and which is not.

Television (TV)

Though there are not many, but there are some very smart ways to make your TV childproof. Here are some of them.

Child Lock- You will find that most of the TV sets have a child lock option in them. Use it to lock the specific channels that you do not want your child to watch.

Sleep Timer- You better know that exactly at what time your child comes for watching TV. Set a sleep timer right at that time and then say them that there is something wrong with your television set.

Set It High- This is the best possible way to keep your TV safe from the child. This will keep them from doing any kind of physical damager to the TV screen.

Use all of these effective ways to childproof your phone and TV in a better way.

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