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5 Common Baby Feeding Problems

By Sneha

All mothers complain of some common problems while feeding their child. This might be due to two reasons. One is, they are too naughty and simply love doing so, and the other is this that they hate eating what you give. But knowing these common problems while feeding a baby will help you beware of the common baby behaviours. Here is a list of some of the most crazy activities that a child does while eating.

Spill Food- This is of the most common problems while feeding a baby. Most of the times it is seen that as soon as you feed your baby some food, they spill it out of their mouth. No matter what you give it, baby food or formula milk, they will do the same with everything. This becomes their habit. Get rid of baby problems as such by engaging then in games while you feed them.

Turn Mouth- This is another of the worse baby feeding problems that almost all mothers have to face. While feeding your baby you must have many times observed that as soon as you put the food into their mouth they turn it away. To get rid of baby problems as such, place a toy or any such thing that they love to watch in front of them. This way they will keep on looking in the same direction and will not move their head.

Keep In Mouth- Many babies have a habit of keeping the food in their mouth for a long while. After feeding your baby you will see that they will not at all chew or swallow the food in their mouth. Feeding problems as such can be dealt in a simple manner. Just take some food for you at the same time and put it in your mouth. Chew the food in front of them so that they copy the same activity

Own Hand- Children move around the whole house and keep touching all the stuff. Sometimes when you sit to feed them they will try to do so with their own hands. And in a try to do this they will smear food all over their body. The only way to solve this feeding problem is by training them the right way to have their food.

Run Around- Most children have a habit of moving around while you feed them. This is one of the worst baby feeding problems. Along with them you too have to run around. To make them sit in a place give their favourite toys or tell them a story. This will keep their mind engrossed and they will stay at one place.

These are all a few baby feeding problems and their possible solutions. If any other are known to you, do share with us.

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