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Heart-attack App Launched To Find The Nearest Hospital

You are travelling in a bus and suddenly you encounter your fellow passenger has a heart attack. In such a scenario you might not know what to do and also you might not be aware of the hospitals near by. At such a time one valuable life might be lost.

So keeping all these in mind, the Cardiological Society Of India (CSI) has recently launched a new app "Heart Attack". This app will help in guiding you with the accurate real time information about the nearest hospital that provides immediate care.

Not just this, this app will also show the details about the physicians and the cardiologists available at that point of time.

Meanwhile, the Delhi CSI is planning to launch a Heart Attack Registry, which will help to track the travel time and suggest any improvements required.

"Heart attacks and cerebrovascular diseases are now number one killer in India," said, Sundeep Mishra, Professor at All India Institutes of Medical Science (AIIMS).

While increased coronary care units and angioplasty in hospitals has helped during incidences of heart attacks, it has been noted that maximum benefit has happened when there is a systematic, organised network right from general physician, efficient ambulance service and advanced heart centres.

This saves time, imperative in heart attack cases. Delhi CSI is also planning to launch such an organised network, through which a patient can be diagnosed early, transported fast to a "Heart Care" enabled hospital to undergo necessary treatments.

The app, working on Android OS, will be available exclusively in Delhi from World Heart Day, falling on Sep 29.

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