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International Men's Day 2022 Date, Theme, History, Significance and Why it is Celebrated

International Men's Day 2022 is observed to highlight the contributions of men in society, their struggles and well being. To celebrate boys' and men's lives, the Six Pillars of International Men's Day' highlights achievements and contributions, in particular for their contributions to the nation, union, society, community, family, marriage, and childcare. They should be celebrated for what they are, what they have been and what they aim to be in our lives. Let us celebrate and honour these unsung heroes of our lives who come in the guise of a son, husband, father, brother, colleague, and friend and make life more beautiful. Let us know more about the theme, history, significance and celebrations associated with this day.

International Men's Day 2022: History

International Men's Day aims to promote humanitarian values and awareness of men. It was first celebrated in 1999 by Dr Jerome Teelucksingh, Professor of History, at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago, in commemoration of his father's birth anniversary. He brought out the issues of men into the open, the everyday issues that bog men down in their lives.

International Men's Day 2022: Date And Theme

International Men's Day is a global holiday celebrated annually on November 19th to recognize and celebrate the achievements of men. The theme revolves around the broader aim of promoting basic awareness towards their issues and for 2022 it is: "Helping men and boys".

International Men's Day 2022: Celebrations

Events and activities are held to commemorate the significance of this day. Let us see what events and activities are likely to be carried out on this day.

One can celebrate this day by sharing food and drink with friends, by organising a get-together or having a heart-to-heart chat with friends or by having a monthly men's night around the kitchen. Focus on the mental health of men, their struggles and their stories.

How about hosting the Man of the year, a man of achievement, a local hero and a youth leader award functions and choosing your ideal choices for the above titles? It could be followed by a dinner and some interesting games as well.

You can take advantage of the internet which is always spilling over with a plethora of wishes on social media platforms for men such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp. Humour never failed us at any point in time and hence try to bring a smile in their faces by being humorous, with your witty repartees and jokes that serve the purpose.

Since 1999, International Men's Day has been hosting public seminars, forums, conferences, festivals and fundraisers, classroom activities at schools, November fundraisers, Parliamentary speeches, government observances, radio and television programs, church observations, prayer meetings, award ceremonies, special retail promotions, photos & film competitions, music concerts & art displays, and peaceful awareness marches.

Apart from that, you can snatch a day out of your life to spend quality time with the special men in your life- be it your brother, father, or friend and let them know how special they are.

International Men's Day aims at celebrating positive male role models and providing a voice to their grievances, especially in the area of mental health, toxic masculinity and male suicides. As per WHO's records, most men under the age of 45 die unnatural deaths, such as suicide. This gives an inkling into the psychological behaviour and mental health of men and is a reason why we need to celebrate and create awareness among people on this day.

Story first published: Saturday, November 19, 2022, 0:12 [IST]
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