The Worst Dressed At Grammy 2012!

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Grammy Awards is one of the most awaited functions in the Hollywood. It is an award function where stars put up their best outfits to attract paparazzi. Although most of them wore black, elegant party colour, there were few celebs who tried to look different with odd outfits. Take a look at the worst dressed celebs at the Grammy Awards 2012.

Nicki Minaj: Her religiously themed dress made her look like a Pope. Nicki Minaj wore a blood red cloak from Versace with red silk gloves which made her look really odd at Grammy Awards 2012.

Fergie: Fergie's Jean Paul Gaultier dress looked ugly. Her transparent orange gown didn't add to her charm but made her count under the worst dressed at the Grammy 2012.

Sasha Gradiva: She spoiled her feminine look by carrying machine guns. Her pink flowing gown was really nice but the guns spoiled the blend of sporty rough and tough look with delicate femininity.

Robyn: Her white skirt which was short from the front and long in the back made her look odd at the Grammy Awards. She was one of the worst dressed celebs at the function. Her baggy t-shirt and caterpillar design khaki platform boots made her look worse.

Cyndi Lauper: The singer wore a black dress but it didn't made her grab more attention when compared to Rihanna. The triple-breasted jacket, with gold chains hanging off the shoulders and golden and black coloured shoes made her look odd. The black and white hair colour made her look scary devil.

These were the worst dressed at Grammy Awards 2012.

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