Most Expensive Musical Instruments

Music is divine, music is peace, music is eternal and now music is expensive. Gone are the days when it was a trend to own, buy and sell antique paintings, the latest in the competing items happens to be age-old musical instruments. Their growing popularity is due to the fact that, these devices of music are fun to own, can be flirted with in case you have a hidden desire or talent of music, or better still they can be sold out at an unimaginable prices.

Music is hot this season. Of the most popular are the Stards, as they are numerous, famous and expensive. The most wanted in the list being the violins that Stadivari is believed to have designed, 650 still surviving and going strong. The Stardivari Society claims that the value of Stardivari and Guarneri violins have shot up triple times since 1990.He emerged to be a skilled craftsman during his later years in his profession. There are various speculations regarding Stadivari's crafts, popular according to the scientist being that he had used the alpine spruce that grew during the uncommon winters, thus, making the wood abnormally dense and contributed to the brilliant sound quality, or perhaps Stardivari was just god gifted.

"Musical instruments have been great investments, such that I now consider them to be far superior to money in the bank, especially at today's interest rates, or in most stocks or mutual funds," says George Gruhn, a guitar dealer based in Nashville, Tenn., who has sold Fenders and Les Pauls to Paul McCartney, Johnny Cash and Eric Clapto.

Some of the facts that determine an instruments demands are:

1. Attribution (who made it)
2. Quality
3. Condition
4. Provenance (who played it)
5. How old an instrument is.
6. Fashion, what is the 'in-thing' now

If you fancy owning an instrument, be sure to be aware of the maintenance methods. Do not keep the instrument inside your closet or display it on the mantle, it needs to be stored in a carefully monitored environment of a semi-humid climate.

Some stunning musical facts:

'Blackie' guitar- most expensive guitar to be sold (at 9,500) publicly might be assembled from the parts bought from George Gruhn.
"The Lady Tennant" is the most expensive instrument sold, could be worth 3 million dollars today.
'The Kreutzer' belonged to Rodolph Kreutzer, to whom Bethoven had dedicated one of his best violin sonatas. It was sold for 947,500 pounds.
John Lennon's Steinway Model 'Z' piano was sold for 1.45 million pounds, it was the piano on which John Lennon (ex-Beatles) is said to have composed the 'imagine'. It still has Lennon's old cigarette burns.
The most expensive drums belonged to 'Moon the Loon' known for his notorious ways. It was sold by him for 130,650 pounds in a 2004 auction.

As more and more facts surface to stun you, these musical instruments still hold an ever growing price tag and believe me, we do have buyers.

Story first published: Tuesday, September 16, 2008, 15:10 [IST]
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