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Woman Almost Died After Uterus Ripped Open On Water Slide

By Nia

It's almost never easy to say when ill-luck will strike you. There are several cases of people losing their lives due to malfunctioning of slides in theme or fun parks. Returning home with a broken limb or foot are common scenarios. But, what if it was something more sinister than that?

This is one such case of a woman who almost lost her life after she lost about 2.8 litres of blood in a freak accident on a water slide in Spain.

The victim Toni Steedman is 25 years old. She had gone on a fun ride on a water slide at the Aqualand Water Park in Spain.

According to reports, the slide was so steep that she fell so fast that the water forced through her vagina and got into her body. As a result, it caused a seven-centimetre tear in the woman's uterus.

The poor woman claimed that the staff was ignorant as they did not give her any safety instructions before she went down the 'Kamikaze Slide'. She claimed that if they had instructed her properly, the accident could have been averted.

She realised that once she hit the water at the bottom of the slide, she felt something burst inside her. She further claimed that when she stood up, she felt the urge to pee and this was when the blood started pouring from between her legs.

Her blood rush was so much that it was making a trail as she walked from the pool! People rushed to get a doctor and when the medic arrived, he asked her to open her legs to examine what exactly happened. As she did, there was more blood that kept coming out. Toni was rushed to the hospital where the medics desperately tried to stop the bleeding.

But it seemed like the bleeding would not stop and she could succumb to death due to blood loss.

As she was rushed to the hospital, Toni was instantly given three blood transfusions to overcome the blood loss. The medics even brought a defibrillator (a form of treatment involving induced electric shocks in a controlled environment) to her bedside.

Later, she was shifted to a bigger hospital in North Tenerife, where medics gave her an epidural (an anaesthetic to relieve pain) to perform the surgery. They were successful in fixing the laceration (tear in skin/flesh) caused by the huge gush of water.

The woman was lucky that she made a full recovery. The medics also revealed that despite the scary incident, the woman was lucky as she would still be able to have children!

Story first published: Thursday, July 25, 2019, 14:00 [IST]
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