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Viral: Online Engagement Ceremony Of This Couple Is Something You May Have Not Seen

There were times when people had to take a day off or two for either visiting their relatives or for shopping. But these days, technology has eased our life by providing us the option for online shopping and connecting with our loved ones through online mediums. These days, people can see their loved ones through video calls while sitting in some other corner of the world. But have you seen someone getting engaged in a video call? Strange, isn't it?

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You may find it weird but there is a couple who got engaged online. In case you don't believe us, scroll down the article to read more about this unusual incident.

In a recent video posted on Twitter with the caption 'Technology at its peak, online engagement', an Indian family can be seen arranging things for the engagement ceremony. Whereas the couples are on two separate video calls, with the phones placed over two small stools. In the one minute and twenty-three seconds video, you can see the family members of the would-be bride and groom being dressed up in their best clothes and performing the rituals of engagement ceremony.

One of the women also puts a Chunari over the phone through which the bride is connected. Engagement rings are placed before the respective mobile phones. You can also find the family members beaming with happiness as they see the bride and groom getting engaged online.

It may be that the couple were too busy with their work schedule or didn't get their leaves approved. But whatever be the reason, this engagement is probably the first of its kind.

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We were too amazed after seeing the video as this something unusual. After seeing the videos, let us know what are your thoughts on this online engagement.