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Karnataka-Based Businessman Performs Housewarming Ceremony With His Late Wife

In Richard Bach's words, "True love has no endings" and this was proved by Srinivas Murthy, a Karnataka-based businessman. He proved that even death can't diminish the true love between a couple. He organised the house-warming ceremony in the presence of his late wife who died in 2017 in a fatal car crash. Though his wife didn't return into the living world, the 57-year-old businessman can be seen sitting with his wife. If you are puzzled by this, then hold your houses as we are going to tell you the entire incident.

Srinivas Murthy installed a silicone statue of his late wife at the housewarming ceremony. Someone who looks at the statue for the first time won't be able to distinguish whether or not it is a statue. This is because Srinivas wanted to install a life-like statue of his wife Madhavi in the living room of the newly constructed house. The statue of the woman is draped in a pink and gold silk saree. The man can be seen sitting beside the statue of his wife with his arms around her.

Srinivas said to the press, "I wanted to do something special in memory of my wife. She died three years ago in a car accident". Srinivas was travelling to Tirupati with his wife Madhavi and two daughters when they met with an accident. Srinivas said that the driver allegedly tried to avoid a fast-moving truck but somehow the car crashed into the truck. As a result, the back of the truck hit the car and rammed into the passenger side of the vehicle. Due to this, Madhavi died at the spot. The daughters sustained some minor injuries and recovered over time but the family was devastated after the fateful accident.

Srinivas says that it was his wife's dream to own a bungalow. However, she died before her dream could be turned into reality. This is when Srinivas Murthy decided to construct a house in the loving memory of his late wife. The construction began in 2018. Meanwhile, Srinivas approached many architects to create something special and unique for his wife. But none of the architectures could come up with a unique idea.

One year ago, Srinivas came to know about an architect named Mahesh Rangannadavaru from one of his vendors. Mahesh suggested that they can install a life-like statue of Madhavi in the living room of their newly-constructed house. Mahesh then suggested Srinivas approach Gombe Mane, a famous toy-maker in Bangalore. Srinivas says, "Mahesh told me that Gombe Mane had also done some work for Tontadarya Mutt in Gadag. I don't regret it at all. This is the kind of gesture I was looking for. I placed the order about a year ago. I gave them several pictures of my wife. She looks so real."

As the construction of the house was completed in earlier July, Srinivas decided to hold the housewarming ceremony on 8 august 2020. He invited his relatives, friends and extended family members and told them that a surprise awaits them. When the guests arrived, they were surprised to see Madhavi sitting in the living room. They took some time to understand that it is a silicone statue and not a human. "Everyone was so surprised. They all believed for a few seconds that it could actually be my wife. It was my wife's dream to construct a bungalow. Now she is not there to live in it. The statue is a way to reinforce that she is still here," added Srinivas.

The husband sat with her wife's statue in the housewarming pooja and performed the rituals.

Images have been taken from ANI's Tweet.