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10 Interesting Facts About January That Will Surely Take You By Surprise

Finally, it is January and spine chilling winter winds are howling in our ears, but it is the New Year vibes that are spreading its warmth everywhere. You might be thinking that this month is all about the New Year celebration and snuggling in the blanket. But January is so much more than this. There are so many interesting facts about January, that you might not be knowing and for that, you don't have to switch on your research mode for you can read on to know more about this beautiful month.

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1. January Was Named After Lord Janus

Legends believe that January is named after Janus, Roman God who had two heads. God Janus used his one head to look back at the previous year that just passed and another head to look forward to the new year. It is believed that the followers of God Janus celebrated the first day of January as new year and used to call it ‘Calends'. On this day, people decorated their houses and exchanged gifts and sweets.


2. Importance Of The First Day

As we know the first day of January is celebrated as the New Year day. In several traditions, people promise themselves to give their best throughout the year and work for their family and mankind. This is also observed as the day when one looks back at the previous year and ahead at the new year.


3. There Are Several Festivals

January is not just about New Year's celebrations. Countries across the world celebrate these festivals depending upon the culture and traditions, especially in India. Some of the important festivals and day in India during January are Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Lohri, Martyr's Day, International Youth Day, Republic Day, etc.


4. It Has Various Traditions

In some parts of the world, the first Monday of January is observed as the day when elders present gifts to their young ones. Most kids receive gifts from their parents and other elders on the first Monday of January.

According to the Scottish and English folks traditions, Christmas is celebrated for 12 days and the celebrations end on 5 January every year.

The second Monday of this month is observed as the day when men return to their work after spending the holiday season and winter holidays. Men mostly join together to pull the plough in their farms and sing harvest songs.


5. Birth Of Prominent Personalities

January born are known to be someone who is a born leader and owns a distinct personality. If you look at some of the prominent personalities across the world, you will agree that most of them were born in the month of January such as Swami Vivekananda, Martin Luther King Jr, Subhas Chandra Bose, Muhammad Ali and A.R Rahman. In addition to this, you will also find several actors, musicians and artists born in the month of January.


6. The Beginning Of January Month

Did you notice that sometimes January begins on the same day as of October? Yes, you read that right! If you exclude the leap years, then you will find that January begins with the same day as of October whereas during leap year the month begins on the same day as April and/or July.


7. It Is Known As Wolf-Month

Some experts believe that wolves are most active during the month of January and during the beginning of February. Therefore, this month is also known as the wolf-month as wolves are seen howling quite often at the dawn and dusk during this month.


8. It Is The Soup Month In The US

Well, there is no denying that January is the coldest month of the year for the Northern hemisphere. During this month people prefer having comforting food items to keep themselves warm. Interestingly, January is known as the soup month in the US. It is during this month when people consume more and more soup. One can have varieties of traditional American soups during this month.

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Story first published: Friday, January 3, 2020, 6:00 [IST]