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Heard About A Pill To Fake Virginity On 'The First Night'? Well, It Is True!

Surely you shop on Amazon and pick your favourites from there but not many of you have heard about this weird product that promises women that they will be able to fake their virginity with it. Well, it is true and yes it has annoyed many people, especially Indians.

According to numerous media reports, the e-commerce giant has been selling this product with a name - "I-Virgin" and it comes with a tag line "blood for the first night". If this isn't creepy enough for you, check out their description and you will have a strong urge to puke as well!

What the product description says-

  • Fake blood for the first time
  • No surgery! Easy, fast, safe and convenient
  • The high-quality blood powder
  • No side effects, no needles
  • No anaesthesia. No toxic

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We don't know whether to laugh or cry but the product says that women can actually trick their spouses on the 'first night'. How ridiculous is that?

But, sadly this also states the precarious condition of women and the patriarchal mindset of the society that judges their character based on their sexual choices.

Well, it does strike a thought that whether we live in a country that is obsessed about woman's virginity? The whole idea of a woman being "pure" is not linked to the quality of her thoughts or behaviour but whether she had sexual relationships before marriage. Forget about these products in the market, this thought itself is disgusting and puts the biased mindset of the society under the spotlight.

In case you feel this stereotypical mindset is restricted to India, then you are sadly wrong! There are various other countries where it is mandatory for a woman to bleed on their first night else they are criticised, humiliated and tortured simply because people around them think that they are not human but a new product to be used, something that doesn't have authority over her emotions or body.

The bottom line is a woman's hymen should stay intact and can only be used by her husband. If a woman fails to bleed by any chance, then she will be seen as someone without dignity and we are not even talking about character assassination here!

In case you don't understand the gravity of the situation let us tell you that women actually have to undergo the virginity test before getting married.

In case you feel that if the hymen is intact, she is a virgin, please visit a health expert to increase the horizon of your knowledge. Science says, the hymen is a thin membrane situated at the opening of a woman's vagina and can break while swimming, cycling, stretching and many other sports activities as well and no it doesn't define the modesty of a woman.

Skipping all rational thinking and coming back to I-Virgin, if you want to know about its usage. This is a pill that women need to insert in their vagina, just a few hours before the intercourse on your 'first night'. The moment you actually have penetrative intercourse, the pill will get dissolved in the vagina and will then release a liquid resembling human blood.

Shocking but yes, these products have been in the market for a long time. There are many more products such as the one for tightening the vagina or whitening it.

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Instead of selling these products shouldn't we upgrade our mind regarding a woman's sexual choices? It is her body and she has every right to make decisions where or with whom she wants to get sexually involved with.

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