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Woman Found Over 40 Dead Cockroaches In The Meal She Ordered!

Most of us order food online. But have you ever wondered whether the food you consume is fresh and clean? This case of a woman finding dead cockroach can make you skip your meal for a while!

This is a real incident that happened in China. Check out the details of the case where a woman found 40 dead cockroaches in a single meal that she ordered!


The Woman Ordered Food Online

The woman who hails from China had apparently ordered her favourite duck stew online. According to the report, it was revealed that the woman did not find just one or two cockroaches in her meal but she found around 40 of them!


She Was Lucky That She Found Them Before Eating The Food!

Though the identity of the woman was not revealed, the other details reveal that the incident happened in Chaosan, Guangdong, China. The woman was lucky enough to find the cockroaches immediately after she opened the package.


The Entire Meal Was Infested!

As the woman started fishing out the disgusting insects out of her meal, she realised they were so many of them that she needed to fill them up in two pieces of tissue papers!


She Made A Complaint

The poor woman was so disgusted with the meal that it made her skip her meal for the next few days! The woman had made a complaint to the restaurant, and all that she got in return was a refund of her meal! Apart from this, she even lodged a report to the police, who are investigating this stomach-turning incident.

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