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She Had A Plastic Pill Packaging Lodged In Her Throat For 17 Days!

While we are in deep sleep, we tend to do things that we are not aware of. Simple mistakes can cost us dearly and this is what happened in this woman's case.

She swallowed a pill packaging cover in her sleep and it was lodged in her throat for 17 long days!

Check out this bizarre case details...


She Swallowed The Pill In The Middle Of The Night

A 40-year-old woman had reportedly swallowed a medicinal pill in the middle of the night. She had apparently swallowed the pill without taking out the plastic packaging. The morning after the incident, she woke up with a foreign body sensation in her throat, but doctors could not examine anything for 17 long days.

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She Visited Doctors For A Couple Of Times

She was in so much pain that she went straight to the hospital where she complained of discomfort and difficulty in swallowing. The ENT specialist at the hospital found that she was tolerating fluids and she had no difficulties in her breathing. She could even move her neck without feeling any pain. Hence, doctors examined her and gave her antibiotics which gave her temporary relief.

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Her Condition Was Diagnosed On Her 4th Visit

When she underwent a chest X-ray, it showed an abrasion in her throat. This had been most likely caused by the sharp edges of the pill packet that she had swallowed, but there was no foreign object present in the X-ray. The woman was told that everything looked fine and they asked her to return if she didn't notice any improvement in the next few days. Until on the 4th visit a scan was done at the back of the throat which revealed the object.

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The Pill Pack Was Intact!

The doctors were shocked to find the intact medicinal pill packet lodged in the woman's throat, but they were able to remove it safely. The pill had been stuck in her throat for 17 days! It is revealed that the woman was unaware that she had consumed the pill with its packing cover as she was in half sleep.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 5, 2019, 14:50 [IST]
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