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A Magical Tree Produces 40 Different Types Of Fruits


Though mankind has woken up to the thought of protecting our environment, the changes have been severe and we need to work constantly towards making the world liveable for the near future.

Well, this is about a thought-provoking project started by an artist named Sam Van Aken who has come up with the unique idea of growing up 40 different types of fruits in a single tree!

Though this sounds crazy, the fact is that it is true. Yes, the tree of 40 fruits exists in real!

We are here to share the details on the farming, sculpture, and preservation that resulted in the birth of the tree of 40 fruits!

Van Aken, who is a contemporary artist and Syracuse University art professor, shared the details on how his dream of having 40 different fruits in a single tree came true.

He was always inspired by nature and the relationship humans had with nature. The artist's farming background played a major and significant influence in this unique project where he grafted vegetables together to create strange plants for his Eden exhibition.

Van started working on the hybrid fruit trees and a few years of hard work resulted in the making of the tree of 40 fruits.

According to Van, the trees bloom during spring and it shows an incredibly striking and thought-provoking example of using nature to inspire the art.

The artist revealed that it took a course of several months for his unique tree to produce different fruits like plums, peaches, apricots, nectarines, and even almonds! These are just a few fruits from the list. He claims that there are more fruits that are so rare that most of us would have never seen before.

With the success of the tree, Van Aken has gone further with his creation and has placed over 16 trees in different museums, community centres, and also in some of the private art collections in different parts of the country.

Isn't it amazing?

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