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Do You Know That Cockroaches Are Now ‘Almost Impossible’ To Kill?

By Nia

'Cockroach' is a word that instigates fear or disgust. But what happens when you realise that now it is impossible to kill them? Scary right? The thought of cockroaches never dying can give goosebumps to many but the fact is that cockroaches do not die an easy death anymore!

Apparently, a study was done recently in which it showed that the cockroaches have gained immunity to some of the insecticides!

Well, according to CBS News, the research was done by the scientists from Purdue University where they found that the German cockroaches, which are the most common species of cockroaches, are becoming increasingly resistant to almost all types of insecticides.

The research was published in the journal Scientific Reports. The German cockroaches are found to be living exclusively in human environment.

They carry pathogens like Salmonella, E.coli and other antibiotic-resistant microbes. Thus they have become an alarming health threat!

In this study, the scientists used different kinds of insecticides on cockroaches and it was found that these cockroaches could have developed a resistance for these insecticides.

Since cockroaches have a life cycle of 100 days, they can evolve very quickly. As a result, they tend to develop the resistance power at an alarming rate.

In the detailed report of the research, it was revealed that 3 different brands of insecticides were used on three different cockroach colonies. The research was done in a span of six months. The insecticides that were used in the research were store-bought.

One colony of the cockroaches was sprayed with all 3 insecticides, once at a time. The other colony was sprayed with a mixture of all 3 sets of insecticides, while the last colony was sprayed with one chemical that the roaches had a low resistance to.

It was found that over a period of time most of the cockroach colonies did not decrease in size. Instead, they found that the resistance levels had actually increased. The cockroaches were quickly gaining immunity to all the chemicals instead.

With this research result, it is evident that the only way one can kill the cockroaches is by using something to smash them. Scary right?

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