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She Loves Her Aeroplane So Much That She Wants To Marry It!

Can you imagine falling in love with an unexpected object or a thing? Well, this is a common thing that people are emotionally being involved or connected with, these days.

From the guy who was being in a relationship for an entire year to the woman who loved her quilt, these stories have made headlines as it amuses an ordinary man on how this relationship works!

She Loves Her Aeroplane So Much That She Wants To Marry It!

So, here is another such story of a young woman who claims she wants to marry her long-term boyfriend which is an airplane!

Check out the details of the same...


She Is

Michele Kobke is a woman hailing from Berlin, Germany. She recently claimed that she is in a romantic relationship with a plane that she first met 5 years ago! She further claims to sleep with her "darling boyfriend" by her side every single night and plans to marry her soon! In short, she believes that it's a special kind of love and it does not hurt anyone.


She Revealed Her Story

In her post, she claimed that the last time she was in a relationship with a man was in the year 2011, but there was no love there. She had her first flight at the end of November 2013, and since then she was in love with aeroplanes. Every time she got so excited when she looked at aeroplane pictures and videos.

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She Claims To Sleep With Her “Darling Boyfriend”

She further claims to sleep with her "darling boyfriend" by her side every single night. She sleeps with either the real components or the 1.6-meter dummy model of the aircraft that she owns.

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She Plans To Marry Her Love

She says that her family has accepted and approved of her relationship with her plane boyfriend as they are "quite pleasant" about her decision. She revealed that she wishes of getting hitched to her sweetheart soon and also plans to live in a hangar with it.

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