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Jilted Lover Spends A Month In A Car Outside Ex-girlfriend's House Sans Shower

By Nia

Break-ups are messy. While some graciously move on, a few others refuse to let it go and turn obsessive.

Here is a case of an obsessed man who could not handle being dumped!

The man, in question, was so obsessed with his now ex-girlfriend, that he stayed in a car that he had parked outside the girl's house for an entire month!

Images courtesy: Boldsky, Google

Check out the details of the bizarre incident.

The man in the scene is known only by his surname Liu. Liu had broken up with his girlfriend of a one-and-a-half year and was completely devastated by the same.

The story goes that Liu was already married when he met his now ex-girlfriend. Naturally, she gave him the boot after coming to know of his marital status, post which he promptly divorced his wife in a bid to woo his ex-girlfriend back. The two had met each other through an online game and went out for a year-and-a-half before things went downhill.

Liu could not accept the fact that he was dumped. It is reported that he had also stalked the woman for two whole years! He is alleged to have even once tried to force her into his car and as a result, this lead to a severe car accident.

Images courtesy: Boldsky, Google

Fearing the harassment at his hands, the ex-girlfriend tried her best to avoid him by fleeing her hometown.

This is when the real torture started when he was trying to find out her new whereabouts. Since the place was new, he spent hours camping in his car and waited for the perfect opportunity to surprise her!

Once Liu found out the girl's place, he broke into it one night and tried to strangle her with his bare hands at midnight.

After an intense struggle, Liu broke out and fled the scene. The ex-girlfriend was terrified and she claimed that she almost fainted because of the stench that was coming from him.

This was mainly because it turned out that for the entire month that he had spent in his car, Liu had never showered at all!

Images courtesy: Boldsky, Google

When the jilted lover was taken into police custody, he revealed in his defense that he, "Loved the girl too much"!

We hope the girl is at peace now that the man has been taken into custody.

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