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Man Chugged A Pint Of Beer And Died In Seconds!

By Nia

Chugging a pint of beer is a regular scene in most of the parties. These games are quite popular and the crowd cheers when a couple of people are chugging down their drinks.

People tend to forget that these games might be a bit dangerous. Some choke on their drinks and in a few cases they even lose their lives! Here is the case of a man from Thailand who fainted in a few seconds after he chugged a pint of beer.

As per the reports, a man is believed to have collapsed face-first after he apparently chugged a whole pint of beer in a few seconds during a company drinking contest.

The video of the man and his coworkers standing in a line to chug down beers at a resort went viral on the social media. An investigation on the matter was done after the man died.

The man whose identity was not revealed is believed to have chugged down the beer in less than 30 seconds. In the video, he is seen raising the glass immediately and within a few seconds, he is seen collapsing on the floor.

There was a lot of speculation claiming that the man suffered alcohol poisoning. But the provincial Disease Control Department official revealed that it was very hard to prove that the man actually died from said poisoning.

An individual who was present at the scene claimed that the man seemed to have experienced a seizure. She further revealed in a post that the beer had started coming out of his nose and mouth. He passed away even before the ambulance got to the scene.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 11, 2019, 15:46 [IST]
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