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He Ate 2 Kg Stones, Bottle Caps And Coins To Calm His Anxiety

There are several bizarre cases of people consuming objects to overcome their anxieties.

But this case is really freaky. Bottle caps, stones and coins that weigh over 2 kg have been found in the stomach of a human.

Here are the details of the bizarre incident of a man consuming stones, coins, pebbles and even bottle caps to overcome his anxiety!

Man Ate Stones, Bottle Caps And Coins To Calm His Anxiety

Check it out.


The Incident Happened In South Korea

The man whose identity has not been disclosed complained of pain in his stomach and sought help from medics.


On Examination

The medic noticed that the man felt he was bloated and he could feel 'something that resembled small stones' when he touched the man's abdomen. The examination results were shocking as they discovered a large build-up of objects that have been occupying the whole stomach.


What The Man Had To Say...

When the man was questioned, he confessed that he often ingested coins and pebbles every time that he felt anxious apart from taking drugs to calm himself.


He Was Immediately Operated

The man was immediately operated, and the medic revealed that it was a tough case of surgery as they had to first try and remove the objects through a gastroscopy, where a thin tube is inserted into the stomach through the mouth, after which they had to extract the foreign bodies one-by-one through a different surgical procedure.


The Man Recovered!

Since he had swallowed over 2kg of these objects, it had made his body weak, and as a result, he was hospitalised for 9 days after his surgery until he completely recovered.

What do you think of his bizarre addiction? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 26, 2019, 13:04 [IST]
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