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He Used Pesticide Thinking It To Be A Shampoo And Then This Happened

With so many bizarre happenings around the world, the report of a man who used a pesticide instead of a shampoo is doing the rounds. This case is an example of taking the instructions on pesticides bottles lightly.

Check out on the details of what happened when this man used pesticide instead of a shampoo accidentally.


He Had Stored The Pesticide In His Bathroom

The man had apparently stored the bottle of dichlorvos, or DDVP, next to his shampoo bottle and did a grave mistake of using it instead of his shampoo.


He Realised It Late

The man realised his mistake of using pesticide only when he applied it on his head and got the smell of the pesticide bottle.


The Doctors Treated Him Immediately

The doctors treated the man for poisoning and had to cut off his hair to remove any kind of residue. The medics had to use disposable razors to shave his head. He made a full recovery after a few days.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 27, 2019, 12:16 [IST]