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WTF Video: Maid Turns Employer's Kitchen Into A Public Toilet

When people are not treated well at their workplace, they often seem to leave on a sour note. But what happens when the person decides to defecate in their workplace?

Sounds crazy, right? Well, this is what a maid did in Kenya as she took a dump in her owner's kitchen.

Check out the details of what happened and also see the video at the end of the article...


The Incident Happened In Kenya

This disgusting incident is believed to have happened in Kenya. Once the video went viral, there was an uproar on social media where people were surprised by this lady's attitude.

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The Woman Seemed To Check For Cameras

In the video, it looked like the housemaid was picking a plastic bag from the kitchen and later defecating in it. From the CCTV footage, it looked like the woman was making sure there was no CCTV in the kitchen that would capture her disgusting act!


Once She Was Sure Of No Camera Then...

Once the woman was sure that there was no CCTV, she picked a plastic bag from the scattered utensils in the sink which she later pooed in. After she was done, she dumped the bag containing her excreta into a bin in the kitchen!

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Netizens Are Disgusted With Her Act

Well, do check the video as we share the thoughts about what netizens thought about the whole act.

While most of the netizens are disgusted with her act, there are those who believe that the housemaid was not allowed to use the washroom by the owners of the house; hence, she behaved this way!

But, on the other hand, there are those who argued that she could have gone outside to ease herself rather than pooping in the kitchen!

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