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This Giant Fish Washed Up Dead In Japan Raised Fears Of Earthquake Or Tsunami

Citizens of Japan are fearing a devastating earthquake or tsunami coming their way. This is because there have been reports of seven giant deep-sea fishes being washed up on its coast in what many see as a doomsday warning.

Here are the details and the beliefs regarding the oarfishes that have been sighted on the shores of the beaches in Japan.

The fear of the belief is much more because the deep-sea fish had been spotted during the previous tsunami.

Check out the details of the same...


About The Oarfish

A four-metre-long oarfish found tangled in a fishnet off the port of Imizu is the latest in the spate of unexplained deaths of oarfish. These deep-sea creatures can grow up to as long as 11 metres. The locals believe the sighting of these deep-sea fishes are an indicator of doom in Japanese mythology.

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The Fishes Are Believed To Come Near The Beach

Apparently, the fish comes to the surface and beach when there is an earthquake that would be nearing. Apart from the scientific theories supporting the lore, these bottom-dwelling fishes are believed to be susceptible to movements in seismic fault lines. Due to these changes they tend to act uncharacteristically before an earthquake.


The Social Media Went Berserk

The social media users went beserk in Japan after the fish was spotted and the locals believe that the death of the fish foretells that a disaster is near.

One Twitter user wrote: "This is no doubt evidence of a precursor to an earthquake, and if it is in the Nankai Trough, an area susceptible to tectonic plate movements, it might be a huge quake."

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One Possible Explanation For The Fishes To Be Seen Is...

Scientists assume that one possible explanation for the deep-sea fish to be seen could be due to the subtle changes in the Earth's crust at the bottom of the sea before an earthquake. This movement might cause the water current to stir and push creatures at the bottom to the surface.

What do you think could be the reason for the sighting of this fish?

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 5, 2019, 16:39 [IST]
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