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60 Birds Fall To Death From Sky; Mass Poisoning Suspected

By Nia

Climate change is a harsh reality we have to accept. With climatic change in tow, people have been witnessing some of the most bizarre cases where it's raining fishes or blood, and a whole lot of mysterious happenings.

But with the extinction of animals and birds, there is a huge concern that arises when there is a mass death of fauna.

Images Source: Viral press

This concern, was once again, raised after people witnessed a sudden death of over 60 native birds of South Australia.

Check out more details of this incident.

It is reported that around 60 native birds of South Australia died and fell out of the sky in front of horrified onlookers. The incident happened near a sports ground in Adelaide. The authorities believe that this could be a case of mass poisoning.

People who watched the birds fall to death revealed that the scene looked like "something out of a horror movie!"

An eyewitness named Sarah King, who is also the founder of Casper's Bird Rescue (a charity based in Adelaide, dedicated to protecting the welfare of birds) revealed that one of her staff discovered the birds.

The locals, further, revealed that only two or three birds that fell were actually deceased while the rest were screaming on the ground and writhing in pain. The poor birds couldn't fly anymore as they were bleeding from their eyes and beaks.

At least 57 of the birds were long-billed corellas, which is a protected species, reported the BBC.

The sources reveal that the type of poison that was used to kill the birds was believed to have given them a "horrific, slow death", which apparently takes weeks to kill them.

Images Source: Viral press

It is said that the vets are preparing a toxicology report, but the results are not yet completed.

It is said that these species of birds found in large flocks in urban and rural areas, can cause major problems as they can cause damage to built infrastructure like buildings, stobie poles (power line pole made of two steel joists held apart by a slab of concrete), lights or even timber structures and sporting equipment, etc. They also cause significant damage to vegetation like trees and crops.

It is also rumoured that this might be one of the reasons as to why the birds were poisoned to death.

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