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Woman Loves Sleeping With Her 16 Feet Python Pet!

An animal lover has transformed her little London home into a confined haven for her collection of snakes, which includes a 16 feet Burmese python!

This is the story of a 21-year-old Zee, who is studying to be a veterinary nurse, and who first saw a snake at six years of age and has been obsessed about them then on.

When she was 14 years old, she split the cost of her first snake with her younger brother before bringing it home to her mum, who eventually had to live in a mini reptile house!

Presently Zee has over 16 snakes, that includes her lofty 16 feet Burmese python, who loves to crawl around the lobbies to unwind, a boa constrictor, an illustrious python and a blood python.

During an interview, she revealed: "I have been chomped incalculable circumstances, relatively consistently. It relies upon the nibble and its seriousness. A bolstering chomp, for instance, liquor is the ideal method for getting a snake off you if they're not giving up, putting their heads submerged."

She believes that snakes are not out to murder you; they aren't out to get you. They are anxious creatures.

Her biggest snake which is a Burmese python weighs roughly 28 kilograms and takes two individuals to lift her out for practice time.

About her favourite pet's diet, Zee reveals that pythons are fed once a month on extra-large rabbits, roughly 3 to 6 kilograms, while the smaller ones are fed on a diet of rodents or chicks.

Sleeping with her 16 feet python is something that she finds to be quite relaxing!

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