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    This Is What Your Toes Say About Your Personality

    Most people like to think that they know themselves pretty well. But do you know that understanding the characteristics of an individual can be interesting with the help of personality tests?

    Predictions are made through various forms like 'chiromancy', which is also known as the art of palmistry.

    toe personality

    Though many people believe in these predictions, it gets essential to understand about the predictions made by having a look at the toes.

    What Exactly Does The Shape Of Your Toes Reveal

    Foot reading is known as "solestry." It is a form of divination that can let us know something about an individual's personality.

    According to foot readers, a person's character can be predicted by just taking a look at the size of a person's big toe or height of his foot's arch. It is also said to let one know about the details of his/her love life.

    So, go ahead and find out about the way your personality can be revealed by knowing about your toe's shape and size.

    The Big Toe

    If you are an individual who has large big toes, then it could be a sign of you being creative. It could also indicate that you are a sharp thinker.

    The Small Toe

    If you are an individual who has small toes, it is a sign of being good at multitasking. Childlike impishness is a prominent characteristic of those with tiny, little toes. They are great fun to be with and are also sociable and witty.

    Can You Wiggle Your Toe?

    If you can wiggle your little toe by itself, it demonstrates a proclivity for adventure. On the other hand, those who cannot shake their toes are more likely to be loyal and committed life partners.

    How The Arch Also Determines The Personality!

    With the size and shape of the toe, it is revealed that even the arch of your foot can determine your personality! While a low arch is believed to lead to health issues, it is also a sign of sociability. On the other hand, individuals who have high arches are found to live independently and stay alone.

    An Extra Perk!

    If you are trying to find a leader, then take a look at the individual's feet. If the person has longer second toes, then he/she is likely to be a great leader. But at the same time, it could also suggest that the individual will have a high tendency to be impulsive, as it can be a trait that may not be ideal for anyone in a dominant position of leadership.

    What Do Your Fingerprints Tell About Your Personality

    So, go ahead and let us know about the different personality traits that you would wish to read about!

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