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Unbox Valentine's Day Gifts - Under The Ultimate Eye of OPPO!

By Staff

Some moments are lived more than once. Some moments are precious enough to be captured in our hearts forever. The day to celebrate a million euphonies of emotions is revolving around prepossessing time and meanwhile, comes the tricky part of selecting unique and perfect gifts for your loved ones, isn't it?

Here, we are listing some of the exciting gift recommendations for 'her' and 'him', which one needs to be aware of and that demands to be sheltered under the colorful gift wraps for best of memories.

For Him: When it comes to the matter of his heart on Valentine's, he will be elegant enough to receive anything, even a simple greeting card that is enclosed with pure love. However, if you are thinking of gifting him something that will remain with him and his reminiscences, then here are the three 'no cliché' suggestions that you can opt for.

  • Wrist Watch: The time is precious, and let him know, with each tick of the timepiece that you think about him and as it comes in a wide-range of unique designs and prices, budget-friendly or luxurious, it is going to help him to keep a track of time.
  • Mugs: For many people, inspiration comes from the mugs that they sip the coffee with! Gift him the mugs that deliver a message from your heart to his and one can also easily find mugs with customizable messages.
  • Hoodie/Jacket: The winter is chasing his productivity? Gift him a hoodie or jacket that will help him to stay warm. A perfect hoodie or jacket can easily be found online. What's your pick?

For Her: The innocence of the red rose can cure any heart. However, it is important to gift her a surprise for this Valentine's, that she can remember forever. Are clichés of choices surfacing to find the perfect gift? Here are three simple suggestions you can opt for your lady love.

  • Bracelets/Lockets: The bracelets or lockets are souvenirs that convey a word of bond and it will remain always precious to her.
  • Bonsai Tree: This will be a precious gift, as it asks nurturing and carries a multitude of messages. Bonsai trees are known for harmony and also signify love and balance.
  • Chocolates: Chocolates always will be unique gifts, no matter what! If you're unclear about how she will respond to other gifts, then chocolates are the remedy that has the ability to never fail you!

Make It More Memorable:

Even though anything that is given with love on Valentine's day is more than a treasure, the moments need to be photographed and it does demand to be saved for life. Speaking of which, how about capturing them in the best resolutions?

OPPO, being a specialist in innovative mobile photography technology, has a wide range of mobile phones that are designed to capture special moments of your life, especially those which you share with your loved ones! Recently, OPPO launched a new phone with a short film, inspiring millions of hearts. Now, capture the real you and real moments on this Valentine's day with OPPO, that are richly portrait-able.

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