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'Chai Pi Lo Friends': Meet Somvati Mahawar The Sensational 'Bhabhi'

Hello Friends Chai Pi Lo की Somvati Mahawar के Video का जादू चढ़ा Office में; Watch Video | Boldsky

Being an Indian, we can bet that most of us love "Chai" and a cup of chai is what some of us need to get started with. But what happens when your favourite cup of chai can get you some fame?

Well, this is what happened to a passionate blogger Somvati Mahawar and she seems to be becoming more popular with her videos of her offering the viewers some chai and her videos have the signature sentence of 'Chai Pi Lo Friends'!

Here, we bring in the details of Somvati Mahawar and her now famous dialogue of 'Chai Pi Lo Friends' and offering people some muskmelons, food and a lot more...

Funny Things That Only Indians Can Sell Online!

Read on fraands :)

She Is...

Somvati Mahawar is an Indian woman who seems to be a passionate blogger. She has set the internet on fire by her videos. Though their bio doesn't have much to say about her, she shot to fame with her 15-second video where she's seen politely urging the people to drink chai that has clocked thousands of views on the social media platforms.

She Started Creating Videos On A Social App...

Somvati Mahawar is said to have started recording her videos using an app where she was apparently creating and sharing short videos across the social networking sites.

Her Followers...

According to sources, Somvati has recorded and shared more than over 400 videos and she has around 9K friends. Apart from this, she is said to even have over 28K followers on her popular account! Can you beat that!

All this by just posting short simple videos!

The Internet Is Filled With Her Memes And Funny Clippings

People over the internet are finding her mannerisms and videos to be immensely funny. There have been more and more videos and memes being created after her video went viral. In some of her videos, the "vlogger" was also seen offering watermelons, mangoes and even paneer!

What It Takes To Be An Internet Sensation...

When you look at any of her videos, we bet you would want to check in some more of her videos, as she is not only offering her friends to drink tea but also offering them food and also dancing apart from showing in her latest saree that she is wearing or updating her followers with. Also, not to forget on how she is feeling blue and visiting her mom too!

Internet Is What Can Rise One To Fame!

Though we are often told not to believe everything that we see online these days, cases like these will make you rethink on your thoughts about getting fame through internet. Just like the dancing uncle, even Somvati is all set to rule the internet.

Famous Weird Fake Things People Did!

Well, kudos to these well-deserved internet sensations! So, if you wish to know more interesting stories like these...check our section, as we bring in the latest updates.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 6, 2018, 18:09 [IST]
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