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    How Does The Shape Of Your Lips Define Your Sensuality

    It is said that our physical attributes contribute a lot in terms of analysing our personalities. The different physical attributes determine our confidence as well.

    According to psychological experts, the shape of your lips is said to reveal a lot about your personality.

    lips shape personality

    The shape of your lips is said to reveal about the sensual side of yours which even you might be unaware of.

    Here, we bring in details of different types of lips and their revelations as our psychological experts reveal some accurate and interesting facts of sensuality and the shape of your lips being linked.

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    The Bow-shaped Lips

    People who have bow-shaped lips are believed to be sharp, attentive and focused. These individuals understand their dreams and are also driven towards their goals. It is said that their sensuality comes from the self-belief and the trust that they have in their own capabilities. Apart from this, they will also challenge their partner in a relationship and if the partner does not match up their sensual side, then they would not let out their sensual side at all.

    Downward-turned Lips

    Individuals who have downward-turned lips are said to be observant. These individuals are said to be relatively more reserved and they do not like to speak unnecessarily. Their sensual side comes from the mystery of their personality and how they tend to keep their partner guessing. Be it both sexually and intellectually these guys tend to put in the effort to understand their partners' needs.

    Full Lips

    Individuals who have full lips shape have symmetry going for them. These individuals are said to be naturally more attractive naturally and they perfectly know this well. Their sensual side comes from the fact that they exactly know how sexy they are. To unleash their sensuality, one needs to put in extra effort as they do not let others experience their naughty side easily.

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    Heart-shaped Lips

    Individuals who have heart-shaped lips are naturally sensual, through their shape. These individuals are cute and kind by nature but at the same time, they can be really mischievous and sexually driven. One can have the time of their life if they can tease like none other and they can be seductive at any given point.

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    Heavy Lower Lips

    It is said that the upper lips are one of the most sensual parts of the body and one can understand this logic when you kiss someone and end up focusing on their upper lips. Individuals who have heavy upper lips are very accepting of their bodies and very aware of the sensuality of their lips.

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    Round Lips

    Individuals who have round lips are generally multi-talented and they are physically and intellectually active. These individuals are talented, creative and hard-working too which is a rare combination to be found in one person. Their sensual side is seen through their entire personality. Apart from this, these individuals are also smart enough not to fall for silly tricks but once they connect with their partner at a deeper level.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, May 22, 2018, 18:31 [IST]
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