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Personality Defined Based On The Shape Of The Nose

There are different types of things that define an individual's personality. From the shape of your finger nails to the shape of your nose, these features could indicate a specific personality type of a person.

We have listed out the types of noses that people could be born with and what each of them signify.

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After all, a person's physical attributes play an important role in the development of his/her personality and some of the features reveal a lot about the kind of person he/she is.

Here Is How Your Personality Can Be Defined Based On The Shape Of Your Butt

So, go ahead and continue reading this interesting piece of information.


The Nubian Nose!

This shape of nose is known as the nubian nose. The nose is straight and it lowers at the end where the nose points downwards. It is generally like a branch laden with fruits, it draws your eyes towards the lips. People with this type of a nose are believed to be quite curious and expressive. They are more inclined towards cautious optimism and are extremely interested in learning new things. The way they communicate their thoughts is said to be nothing short than being impressive.


The Greek Nose!

According to the history, the ancient Greek sculptures gave this nose its name. The nose is narrow in length and is characteristically straight and pointed. People who have this type of a nose are said to be prudent and extremely practical. They are extremely loyal as well. They would rather die than let something, which is not supposed to, spill out of their mouth. It is said that they are the few people whom one could trust with their secrets.


The Hook Nose

This nose shape looks like a bird's beak. The nose is bent downwards from the base of the nose bone to the tip. It is said that people who have this type of a nose are known to be opinionated, thoughtful and deep. They are believed to defend their views passionately and are unafraid of taking risks. They are also said to be diplomatic, creative and yet self-effacing.


The Arched Nose

This nose shape is curved from the nasal bone like the hooknose. This shape is different, as it is noticeably pointed at the tip. It is said that people with this nose shape are believed to be great managers. They are also organised and efficient, apart from being capable of leading through examples. They are closely connected to their professions, but care deeply about those they value in life.


The Button Nose

This nose shape is short and dainty, it is considered to be one of the most common types of a nose. People with this type of a nose are said to be determined, strong-willed and spontaneous. They are usually said to be involved in a lot of various activities and are efficient. Their decisions are usually based on their gut feeling but they grow to trust which urges to pursue and which to leave.


The Straight Nose

This shape of nose has wide nostrils with a round tip, this nose is straight and flatter than the rest. People with this nose shape are known to be in control of their emotions. They are good at reading emotions. They are extremely patient and calm, but they don't appreciate unsolicited provocations.


The Concave Nose

This shape of a nose has a small arch on the nose bone. It looks petite and sharp with the tip that is pointing slightly outwards. It is said that people with this nose are on the sensitive side of life. They are the kind of people who would bear a burden with a smile and yet be the first to help if asked for. They also feel emotions that are deeper and they feel hurt quite easily but they never reveal about it.


The Crooked Nose

It is said that people with a crooked nose shape are known to be one who is simple and straightforward of all. The shape of the bridge of the nose is said to stand out, while the tip is rounded. People with this shape of a nose are great listeners and observers. They are the kind of people whom one would rather understand than judge others around them. They are also said to be great friends and partners.

So, what is the shape of your nose? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Monday, October 23, 2017, 18:56 [IST]
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