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    Weird Ways Of How A Lady Can Become Pregnant Without Having An Intercourse

    By Shibu

    Raise your hand, if you have turned to this article because you're shocked to know that a woman can actually get pregnant without having sex!

    Yes, there are chances that the sperm enters into the vagina through different ways which can ultimately lead to pregnancy in a woman. Just in case if you have missed your sex education class in school and college, let us explain to you that the most common way a woman gets pregnant is by having an unprotected intercourse.

    How a woman can become pregnant without having sex

    The semen contains sperm which travels through the vaginal canal into the uterus. The egg present in the woman can be fertilized by the sperm, which can lead to pregnancy. Once the egg gets fertilized by the sperm completely,'re pregnant!

    Well, now science has said that's not the only way to get pregnant. There are different ways as well, which can lead to an unwanted pregnancy in a woman. The chances are really less, but there is a possibility of getting pregnant without having real sex! So, know more on how a woman can become pregnant without having sex, if you're curious enough.


    1. The Pool Mess

    Earlier, a bizarre story was circulating around the internet which mentioned the story of a woman who got pregnant in the swimming pool after a few men ejaculated into the water! Yes, this is a way which can possibly make a woman pregnant.

    Sperms can literally swim their way to the vagina and find an egg to fertilize it. If the sperm is close enough to the vaginal opening, it can make its own way to reach the egg and fertilize it. A woman can get pregnant when she is in the same pool where men have ejaculated. The sperm can literally enter your vagina and lead to an unwanted pregnancy. Scary, isn't it?


    2. While Having Dry Sex Or Dry Humping

    This is another common way a woman can get pregnant! If a man ejaculated on or near your vulva while having dry sex or dry humping, there is a chance that the sperm can travel inside the vagina and fertilize the egg. The sperm can travel inside the vagina on its own or accidentally get wiped into the opening.

    Even if you are wearing clothes, the sperm can travel through the fabric still making the pregnancy possible in a woman! Clothing is important, as technically the sperm is not so strong enough to travel through the fabric. However, the chance of getting pregnant can reduce while having dry sex if both the partners are covered.


    3. Using A Sex Toy Or Fingers

    If there is semen of the recent ejaculation on the sex toy or the finger and if the same toy or finger is inserted into the vagina, chances of getting pregnant become so obvious. If the sperm is still alive when the same finger enters into the vagina, there are chances that it would swim to the uterus and search its way to the egg.

    The same case goes with the sex toys! If the sperm on the sex toy is alive and you use the same sex toy, the sperm can get reactivated, thus allowing it to reach the egg as soon as possible.


    4. Unprotected Anal Sex

    If someone ejaculated while having unprotected sex and if the semen comes out and gets on or near the vulva, then the chances of pregnancy are obvious. If your partner ejaculates inside your rectum, it's very easy for the sperm to leak out and reach the vulva, since it's very close to the anus. The closer the semen would be in the vulva, the more likely it can increase the risk of pregnancy in a woman.


    Is This True?

    These cases are very rare, but yes records and history have said that people have got pregnant by these activities. Hey, if semen lands into your ankle, foot or stomach you're not going to get pregnant!

    Practically and statistically, these weird ways may seem highly unlikely but it's not impossible! If you have been through these situations and you think you might get pregnant, it is always good to see a doctor.

    You can also take birth control pills beforehand. So, it is always good to have safe and protected sex in order to avoid those unwanted pregnancy issues.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, November 28, 2017, 17:08 [IST]
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