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Different Types Of Colleagues We All Meet In Office

By Needhi Gandhi

Someone wise had said it is true that you have the freedom of selecting your friends, but you cannot select your family and in the same way, you have the luxury to select the company for which you want to work, but you cannot select your colleagues.

This is the main reason many of us are either working with or are under somebody whom we would never want to see in our life. This is also the main reason why not many people have a job satisfaction.

There is nothing you can do about your colleagues if they are the worst kind of people, unless you don't have to mingle with them more or they get fired from their job. So, what can you do about your colleagues who are impossible to tolerate but you have to face them and work with them daily?

Let us see some kind of colleagues that one would often end up meeting in an office.



They are the people who either do not know the value of the time or do not realize how much time they waste just in talking. They just keep on talking without noticing your mood or the seriousness of the task you are handling. The scenario becomes worst if the talker is a person with negative thinking or always talks about negative things.



These kinds of people have the feel that they are perfect or next to the boss, so you will find them poking their nose in your every work. These people can very easily drive you nuts or make you lose your temper because of continuous interference. People like them are always demotivating and can negatively affect your self-confidence. They are actually insecure people, so try to give them more information than they have asked and it may some what help you.


Over Committed Colleague

They are the colleagues who will always make you feel that your work is not up to the mark. These people always go an extra mile with their work and get the attention of their superiors and can be a serious threat to you. People like this around you can always create extra pressure on you and even may get you extra workload. People like this will always leave office late and slowly it will become a routine for you as well.



When you are working in a company, there would be many people joining the firm and many that would be leaving. If you have a close relationship with any of the colleague who is soon to be leaving the company, then it can have a negative impact on your bosses. Try not to show your closeness with this employee in the office.


The Back Benchers

They will be the most coolest persons you have met in your office; let it be a guy or a girl. You will find spending time with them to be very exciting, as they would be breaking all the rules of the company. However, they can be a really bad inspiration for you. You might see them coming late to the office regularly or having arguments with bosses or even flirting with every other colleague. Don't get influenced by them because it can be a serious threat to your career.


Nepotism Luck

You might see some employees who don't have much talent may at times get promoted ahead of many other talented colleagues. Never compare them with you or let your confidence deter because of this. Some people get luck in many ways and think this as one of them. You just keep doing your work with sincerity and one day, you will be getting rewards for that.


The Gossip Guy Or Girl

Every office will have at least one or two people who are like gossip kings or queens. The best part of them is that they would know secrets of every other employee in your office. However, you need to be very careful with such people because even meaningless talk with them can land you in a big trouble. You should remember that if they are gossiping about others to you, they could be doing the same thing with others about you.


Fresh But Ambitious

There are very few colleagues who come in this category, but you will find one for sure in your workplace. They would have a killing combination of skill, ambition and good luck that gets them promoted faster than other colleagues. These people will have good focus and it gives them feel of a future boss. Colleagues with this character are easy to spot, as they talk very rudely to their other colleagues and always talk down to coworkers.


Spy Of The Boss

Every office will have at least one person who would be a spy of the boss and would be interfering with everybody's work without any reason. The worst part is that they will have the support of the boss and even get the positive response for this act. They might not have any work with you but will always try to know what you are doing.


No Work But Hardworking

This kind of person can make you very much irritated and sometimes frustrated because you know that he or she does not have any work, yet he/she would try to prove of the whole workload being on him or her. This person will not be doing any work as per the job description and would be spending most of the time on the internet. At the end of the month, he or she would be getting the same salary as you but for doing nothing.

Well, the above-mentioned points are some of the characters you would find in your office and you need to be mentally prepared to cope up well with every one of them, so that you can have peace of mind at your work place at the end of the day.

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