Professions That Makes One To Commit Suicide

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Your profession plays an important role in your personal life. While it is said that you should not mix your profession with your personal life, at the same time, your profession is responsible in keeping you happy or sad.

We normally think that people having a successful career are happy; however, they have a hard time in maintaining the same.

It is also true that stress and anxiety are associated in every profession, but in some professions it leads to suicidal thoughts.It will be surprising for you to know that even doctors and dentists have suicidal tendencies.

You will be surprised to know that people whom you think are happy with their profession even think of suicide.This is because of the hidden pressure that their job demands.

Know whether you fall in the job profile, where the suicidal tendencies are high. Well having said that, writers and art painters fall in the safe category, as they take off the burden in the form of their writings and paintings, respectively!

Have a look at some of the jobs where suicidal rates are high.



Lawyers suffer from anxiety and depression because of their tense profession. They look into people's affairs and suffer from about 1.33 times more the suicidal thoughts than the people with other jobs.



Yes, doctors also get suicidal thoughts and have about 1.82 times the suicidal tendencies when compared to people from other professions.


Financial Workers

People working in a finance sector have about 1.51 times more suicidal thoughts and tendencies than the people with other professions.



Do you know that the person counselling about your medicine administration and usage is more likely to suffer from suicidal thoughts himself? These people have about 1.29 times the suicidal tendencies than other professions.



Potters also have higher suicidal rates as compared to other jobs. They have 1.39 times more suicidal tendencies than other professions.


Submarine Jobs

Marine engineers or submarine workers also are more likely to commit suicide by about 1.87 times more than people from other jobs. They live under water and have less human interaction. This makes them vulnerable for suicidal thoughts.



Farmers are 1.32 times more likely to commit suicide than the people with other professions.



Veterinary doctors have higher suicidal tendencies by about 1.54 times when compared to the people from other professions.


Real Estate Agents

People working in real estate dealing with selling, purchasing and reselling of properties are also more likely to suffer from depression and have suicidal thoughts by about 1.38 times than other people.



They are 1.31 times more likely yo commit suicide than people from other professions. These people get easily depressed with their profession, and despite of earning well they may suffer from depression.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 21:00 [IST]
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