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8 Reasons Why Celebrity Marriages Fail

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In India, there has been a sudden increase in the divorce rates and the numbers are just astonishing. The main people who add up to the numbers are none other than our famous and very interesting celebrities.

From around the world too, the divorce rate has been extremely high, which leaves us with a common question, what is the real reason behind the failure of a marriage?

According to new reports, it is none other than martial affairs, but not all of them have this same problem right? Today, Boldsky brings out some of the hidden reasons as to why celebrity marriages fail.

If you take a look at these reasons, you probably will want to hold on to your marriage and work it out.

If you are having some of the same issues that are mentioned here on the list, we advice you to do something about it, so that it can save your relationship with the spouse.

So, take a look at some of these shocking reasons as to why celebrity marriages fail. It will leave you simply amazed:



Celebrity marriages go through more insecurity than regular marriages, do you know why? The only reason is because both the spouses are travelling and not spending time with each other, which makes them doubt one another, thus causing a rift in the relationship.


Due To Media Interference:

How would you feel if you and your spouse are always watched by the media? Celebs live with constant media scrutiny and, sometimes, things are blown out of proportion.


Too Much Pressure:

Celebrity marriages are always pressured into making their marriages work, since they are always in the spotlight. When this pressure is blown out of proportion, couples can't seem to take it in and thus this leads to a divorce.


Distance Creates Divorces:

Long distance relationships generally don't work out for many, especially if you are an actor or actress. Distance creates a lot of space for other things and leads to a high divorce rate in case of many celebrities.


That Someone New:

Since they work in an industry where everything seems exciting and new, both actors and actresses opt to play with new toys in town.


Strong Ego:

Male ego is one of the toughest things for a woman to handle when she is married to him. If his ego goes way out of control and when she can't handle him anymore, that is when she lets go.


When The Career Becomes More Important:

Since career is most of the actors' top priority, it is one of the many major reasons why celebrity marriages fail. If only family was their main focus, things would have looked a lot better.


Age Differences:

Though some say age is just a number; in some cases, due to the age factor, there can be a lot of differences and this may cause the couple to seek different paths.

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Story first published: Friday, February 19, 2016, 7:00 [IST]
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