Crazy Things Super Rich People Have Bought

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The rich have all the money in the world and they don't mind purchasing some of the craziest things too.

Today, Boldsky shares with you some of the stupidest things that rich people have bought for a hefty price. If you take a look at these crazy things on the list, you might wonder what on earth is wrong with them!

If we were blessed with money we can swim in, probably we would have done something useful with it for the society.

On the list, we have expensive hair locks that belong to the famous singer Elvis Presley and sold at a whooping amount of $115,000. Shocked?

Well, there are some rich people who love to dress themselves up in gold and walk the town in it, and the person whom we are talking about is none other than Mr. Datta Phuge who calls himself as the old man. Owning a pure gold shirt, this man will make your jaws drop the moment you see him.

Likewise, here are some of the most craziest things that super rich people have bought. Why don't you take a look at all the craziness:

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Goldfinger Motorcycle

This is one of the most amazing bikes of all time. It is worth $850,000, as it is plated with 24-karat gold and covered with 250 small diamonds totalling more than seven carats. The main attraction of this bike is the seat that is made up of crocodile skin.


Rampant Surfboard

This is the world's most expensive surfboard. The board is carved from a rare wood with a 23-carat gold lion motif and it is worth $1.3 million. However, the man who owns this amazing board is a mystery.


Pure Gold Shirt

Datta Phuge, the gold man is famous in India. Mr. Datta owns a shirt that is made out of pure gold. The extravagant shirt took a team of goldsmiths from Rankar Jewellers nearly 15 days to complete.


Gold Toilet Paper

You wouldn't believe what some rich people use on their buttocks, pure gold toilet paper! This 3 ply roll is worth $1.3 million and has 22-karat gold in it. The best thing about this toilet paper roll is as you use it, the gold flakes fall on to the floor! Simply wow, isn't it?


Elvis Presley's Hair

If you are a die-hard fan of Elvis Presley, you probably will fight for his hair too! In 2002, a lock of Elvis Presley's pompadour was sold for $115,000. Crazy isn't it?


Crystal Bateau

Bathing in riches they say is all so fine and this bathtub is one of the finest in town. Belonging to one of the richest man in the world, it has thousands of individually placed crystals applied on to it. The bathtub comes in different colour options, including gold, blue and green crystals and it was sold for a price of $227,955.


Gold Bullion Mouse

When you want to work in style, you wouldn't mind spending a $36,835 on a gold-plated mouse. This stylish-looking gadget operates on practically any USB-enabled machine and is coated with precisely zero atoms of gold film too.

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