Amazing Brain Tricks That Will Make Your Life Simple And Smart

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Brain hacking means to trick the brain to do the things that it is not trained to do so. These hacks will improve the normal functioning of our brain.

It is a well-known fact that even today that scientists have not been able to completely understand the brain.

It is also said that it is easy to trick the brain. For example, if there is a lot of cold around and we start thinking that it is hot, we actually will start to feel hot.

The same thing applies to your worries, that is, if we keep a positive attitude towards our problems then the things will really change for the better around us, at least our perspective will change.

It is the brain after all that makes us feel good or bad, so why not trick it into thinking some good things, so that we will actually start feeling good about the not-so-good things.

Having said that, there are also some tricks that we can do with our brain, such as working with our left hand for anger control, using hand gestures while talking and raising one eyebrow. These are all brain tricks that have some positive result.

Let's have a look at these kind of brain tricks that will simplify our life.


Make Use Of Left Hand To Calm Anger

If you are short-tempered then you must practice your brain to help control your anger. There is a very simple trick to do that. If you are right-handed then try to do your work with left hand for a few days and vice versa. This will help your brain to control your emotions when angry.


Using Hand Gestures

A research has shown that when you use hands while talking or conveying any information to others, you tend to recall all the important things and don't skip any information. This will make you a person having a better communication skill.


Raise Your Eyebrows To Become Creative

A research has shown that if you falsely raise your eyebrow, it will trick your brain to induce creativity. Raising one eyebrow stimulates the perceptual attention, which is related with the fact that is physical experiences, and this triggers the stimulation of conceptual attention by default that is responsible for mental processes. This can result in creative connections that were not present before.


Write Down

If you have a presentation in the morning, an exam or an interview then there is a trick to remember the things. Write down the important things at night just before going to bed. A study has shown that if you memorise and write anything at night then you will remember the information for longer.


Laughter In Serious Situations

This really works to calm you down and normalise your blood pressure. A research has shown that when we fake a laugh, our brain sends a signal to the body that " all is fine" even if the laugh is fake.


“Not To Do Things”

Most people have a habit of writing the things that they ought to do in the future. This makes them organised and well planned. However, a study has shown that making a list of "not to do", means a list of things will increase our productivity, which will be more effective than to make a list of what to do.


Avoid Multitasking

A research has shown that multitasking will make your brain weak and cause a weak memory. The reason is that our brain is not that good in focusing many different actions at one time. Multitasking may also decrease the quality of each work and that is the reason you won't be able to give much attention to each work.

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Story first published: Friday, February 5, 2016, 12:30 [IST]
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