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An Unconditional Love Story...

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We all dream of having our own love stories, especially when we see a happy couple around us. Lucky are those who have an amazing true love story to share.

We have seen so many unnecessary feuds that lead to divorce or breakups. These can all be avoided when the couple work towards their relationship; and that is something which will create a beautiful and inspirational love story.

Here, in this article, we are sharing an inspirational, true love story of a military man and the things that have changed in his love life.

This story can makes you realise that love is something which is purely unconditional and there is nothing that can hamper it if the feelings for each other always remains true.

Check out this most amazing, inspirational love story of life that can bring a smile onto your face.


They Met...

They were classmates and over time, their friendship blossomed into love. They did belong to different castes, but that did not stop them from dreaming a future together.


The Family Opposed Initially...

Since the guy was from a lower caste even though he was in army, the family was skeptical about the thought of the girl getting married to him. However, the parents realised that both of them were so much in love and hence had to give in.


The War Scene Happened...

The guy was called at the war front for an emergency. But, before he headed, he knelt down and proposed to the girl whom he loved the most. They got engaged and decided to get married the coming year. Everything seemed perfect till then.


Tragedy Struck!

While he was away at war, she was travelling on her bike one day and met with a severe accident that almost killed her. She slipped into coma, while her beautiful face bore deep marks that could scare anyone...


One Day She Woke Up...

Finally, one day she woke up and found her parents by her bed side. They wept and she knew that something worse awaited her. She begged her parents to tell and they showed her the mirror, leaving her completely shattered and in tears.


She Decided To Move On...

She did not want to spoil the life of the man she had promised to get married. She avoided his calls and did not reply to any of his mails. She spent hours crying in her room and only wished she'd died that day...


Finally, This Happened...

Her mum barged into her room and told her, "He's Back And He Is Getting Married". She skipped a heartbeat and wiped her tears off and took the wedding card her mum had got to show her. She saw her name on the card and looked at her mum all confused...


She Was Awestruck!

He entered the room with a bouquet and told her that he knew everything about what had happened to her, as he was in touch with her mum who kept sharing her pictures with him.


He Knew She Was Beautiful..

Every time he looked at the picture, he knew that there is nothing that can change the love he had for her and she was still beautiful for him and he knew that he wanted to get married to the girl he loved the most...

Well, this makes us realise that there is nothing more beautiful and precious in life than being loved unconditionally. What do you think?

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