Why You're Hooked To Your Phone?

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Mobile phones.... they indeed have become everyone's first love and fantasy. With the new age smart phones people are getting highly addicted to the gadget.

At every nook and corner of the world you will see a ton of people hooked to their cell phones and it's not for the basic necessity! Mobile phones are becoming a trend and an addiction due to the apps featured on it.

Why You're Hooked To Your Phone | Hooked To Your Phone | Phone Addiction

Shopping sites which are turning mobile friendly, news at your beck and call and not to forget the selfie addiction too. For these reasons and these reasons only, people are getting hooked to their mobiles.

On the other hand, these people who show the signs of mobile addiction are well aware of the health issues, and they still find the need to continue with the trend of holding that gadget at every little chance they get.

So, if your wondering why people or you are hooked to your phone, well then take a look at the reasons:

Cause I Get To Keep In Touch

Cause I Get To Keep In Touch - The basic necessity of having a cell phone in the first place is to get in touch with people you love and care for. You can keep in touch with them at any moment and by being the fastest means of communication, people get hooked to their device.


Work Meets Whatsapp - Whatsapp has become a part of parcel of our lives be it in a friend's circle or at work. It is a faster way of getting in contact with any colleague.It is the next best thing to a mail.


Twitter & FB Are Apps - With the constant updates from your Facebook timeline to the constant tweets, you don't need a desktop or a laptop to find out what the world is talking about. With these apps ready at your service, you automatically get hooked to your phone without realising it.

Instant Mobile News

Instant Mobile News - Those who are addicted to news can get the latest updates on their mobile phone, thus giving you another reason why you're so hooked on the phone.

The Selfie Addiction

The Selfie Addiction - The selfie addiction, has it hit you? Well, for the love of selfie one is hooked to their phones like a leech sucking blood out of you.

Can't Live Without That Lyric

Can't Live Without That Lyric - Music lovers have a reason why they are hooked to their phone. Today, with the sharp music features each gadget offers, there is no one out there who isn't a music lover.

Shop At Your Finger Tips

Shop At Your Finger Tips - Sites like Myntra, Flipkart, Snapdeal have made our lives a lot more easy. Just with a touch of our finger we can shop till we drop! This gives you another reason why we are all so hooked onto our phones!

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