Why sarcasm is the highest form of intelligence?

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Sarcasm is an art of insulting others in a polite and veiled manner while adding a nice humour to it. A research has shown that sarcastic people are intelligent and smart when compared to others. It is the ability of a person to comprehend the mental state of other individuals.

Studies have also shown that sarcastic people have strong parts of the brain involved in analysing, interpreting and then putting the information on a timely basis. They can coordinate and lead things well.

Sarcastic people have a well-sophisticated mind, as they can strongly understand the state of the mind and feelings of other people. These people think one step ahead of others and are also known as "smart jerks".

Do you know that sarcastic people can increase your intelligence too? They make your brain to think and analyse their sarcastic comment. This will be a good exercise for your brain. So, being around sarcastic people can make you smarter, more creative and intelligent.

Sarcastic people have a quick working brain and they can think fast. They can give a wise answer to a complicated question within seconds. Read on the article to know why sarcastic people are more intelligent and smart.

Here are reasons why sarcastic people are really smart!


They Have Healthy Brains

A research at the California University has shown that people who are unable to detect, point out and handle sarcasm may be under a risk of their brain going slow and even a brain damage. However, people who are good at sarcasm and can detect it easily have healthy brains.


They Have Best Solutions For Problems

A research has shown that sarcastic people have the ability to find out a best, creative solution to a problem, which a non-sarcastic person can't even think of. Because of their mental makeup, they are excellent at finding answers and can easily handle any serious situation.


They Think Fast

Have you ever seen a person replying to a twisted question instantly and in a smart way? Only sarcastic people can do that. Sarcastic people are fast thinkers and give a quick answer at any situation.


Can Play With Words

Sarcastic people have strong communicating skills and can keep other people engaged for long, without getting them bored. They have a great skill of assimilating information and then presenting it in a smart way.


They Are Emotionally Stable

A study has shown that people who are sarcastic have low anger and negative emotions and their emotions are always well balanced. The reason to this is that their sarcasm decreases their flow of strong emotions in a unique way at all times.


They Are Not Offended

A study has also revealed that sarcastic people can take sarcasm well and can laugh out loud. They never get offended, as their mind takes up the sarcasm in a funny way.


They Insult In A Funny Way

They use their brain in a much sophisticated way. They use words that have a double meaning and a mild veiled insult too. The person being ridiculed can feel it and may laugh too. This is the best example of sarcastic people being intelligent and smart.


They Can Understand Your State Of Mind

Sarcastic people have a unique ability of understanding the emotions and the state of mind of other people. They know the type of person you are and what your feelings are going to be about a particular thing. They usually respond sarcastically when they know you are hiding something.


They Exercise Their Brain And Of The Others Too

A research has shown that sarcasm is a best form of a brain exercise. A sarcastic comment can make our brain to think well and understand it. A sarcastic person can also make his/her brain to think and put across the sarcastic comment in a funny way. This helps in a good brain workout.


They Make Other People Smart Too

Sarcastic people also influence the brains of others. If you have friends who are sarcastic, you will soon have a healthier brain. The complex way of thinking, analysing and understanding the sarcastic comment can make your brain work well too. Therefore, be around a sarcastic person to be smarter.

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