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What Does The Shape Of Your Lipstick Tell About You

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Do you know that the shape of your lipstick and the way you use it can tell a lot about your nature? Have a look at the shape of your lipstick's top and know what kind of person you are. It will be fun to know your hidden talents and how important you can be socially.

You can see the shape of your friend's lipstick top being different from yours. Do you know why there is a difference like this? This is because you have a different character than other people. Each person is unique and may do certain things differently that can be one of the predictors of their true nature.

In this article, we have mentioned what the lipstick shape tells about the nature of a woman. Have a look at your lipstick and know the person you really are.

Read on the article to know about the nature of a lady by having a look at the lipstick top that she uses.


Round Pointed Tip

Women with a round pointed lipstick are not stable, as their personality keeps changing often. They share their thoughts boldly in front of others. People may either love them madly or hate them actively. They are tough from the outside, but are the first ones to offer a helping hand.


Flat Tip

They are the most wittiest and charming persons. They are intelligent and want to make a change. People love their company and want to be like them. They are not very well with arguments and this may annoy others. They love to watch a documentary rather than a romantic or a comedy movie.


Sharp Tip

These people are attractive and intelligent. They may be good at flirting, which may be an inborn talent. These women can often be misunderstood by others, but they know their talents and are proud of their accomplishments.


Slant Close To Original Shape

These women are very sensitive and don't want to hurt others intentionally. They are very serious about rules and don't break any of them. They are very lovable and kind both at work and in personal life.


Sharp-Edged Top

These ladies can get a crush easily on people around them. They are loving and helping in nature. They are imaginative and creative, but may exert themselves a lot.


Sharp Diagonal Tip

These ladies have leadership qualities and are very ambitious. They are the centre of attention and love to impress others. They have a nice sense of humour. However, they are too eager to lead things and dominate others that can be a bit annoying to some. They can get the things done easily, which makes others dependent on them.


Flat Concave Top

These women are very outspoken and are not afraid to take risks. This gives them the ability of achieving what they want in life. They can go to any extent in completing any task even at the cost of their friendship.

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